September 17, 2012

Education ...

In Chile, education has been an issue in the recent months, even when the biggest manifestations were the last year. And that is because the problems are still right there, at the home of each citizen that suffers the effects of a bad educational system.

But the problem is not as simple as some people try to show it. The chilean educational system is a reflex of our society; each school is like a guetto of a particular social stratus . The main tool of social mobility is not doing its job, and in fact, it is creating a vicious circle where the poor people continues being poor, the middle class continues living with too much debt, and riches are getting richer every day. Maybe this sounds familiar to you, because we recently realized that is a issue in other countries of the develop(ing/ed) world.

But the worst thing is that the politicians do not have any intention to fix the problems, and worse, they try to maintain the establishment, the status quo.  All of them have interest, have businesses and intend to explain the unexplainable and justify the unjustifiable. 

I think we can do it better, we could be a better country, more competitive, etc. but we cannot, just for a few powered people. That's sad, but I still believe in a future with more opportunities for my son and the next generation.