June 4, 2013

Santiago's municipalities

Hello! Fellow citizens of the world.

I'd like to update this blog more often, but sadly I've been working so many hours these last weeks. My job is a time-consuming one. But today I've decided to write a small entry about the Santiago's municipalities (we call them "comunas").

As you can notice doing a fast search on Google, Wikipedia has a exhausted list of all the Chilean municipalities. But what Wikipedia does not say and in reality no one says, is that there are huge difference among them (remember dear foreigner, Chile is a segregated country, we have ghettos everywhere).

Let's focus on Santiago. There are a branch of municipalities where the quality-of-life is almost the same that you could find in Switzerland, for instance, Vitacura, Las Condes, Providencia, Lo Barnechea and La Reina. If you are a North American o European you will feel like you're at home in these places. Here is where our politicians (even the leftists), businessmen, bankers, lawyers, medics and the majority of the social upper class live and have their networks. On the other hand, there are "middle class municipalities", for example Ñuñoa, Macul, Maipú, San Miguel, Quilicura, Puente Alto, Santiago, La Florida, etc. And finally, there are lower class municipalities like La Pintana, Renca, Lo Espejo, etc.

Predictably you might foresee the municipality where someone lives as a function of their income. And curiously, the touristic attractions are at the upper classes places, so if you are visiting Santiago and see this territory as a wonderful place at the level of the European cities, don't get confused, you're just seeing the best part of the picture.

I hope you've found this post interesting. If you're more interested in this country and want to know more about our culture or staff like that, contact me through this blog. Certainly my english is not the best, but I' willing to answer all your doubts.

That's all folks.